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If You Could See LaughterIf You Could See Laughter  

“Mandy Coe is one of our most exciting poets writing for children.” Pie Corbett

“There’s something for everyone in this book – girls, boys, younger readers and teenagers should all be captivated by the way in which her words conjure up vivid pictures that make the reader feel happy to be alive.”  The Secret Life of Poets

“Teasing, provoking, sharing and irrepressible love of the world around us, Mandy Coe’s poems brim with a relish for nature, colours, shapes, sounds and show by example what a wonderful, infinitely malleable thing our language is. This collection is wonderful to read alone, but will prove to be an essential teaching aid for any educator who wants to share a love of language and of simply being alive. She liberates the poet in all of us, old or young.” Sherry Ashworth

Launched at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival and shortlisted for the Children’s Literacy in Primary Education  Prize, If You Could See Laughter is Mandy Coe’s first collection for children.

Salt Publishing (2010). ISBN 978-1-84471-487-2


"A wealth of sensuous detail that is literally spell-binging… the poems are self-possessed and self-assured.” Matt Simpson

 “Oddity is part of the pleasure of reading Coe. Any good poet presents things from unusual angles but Coe does so with extraordinary glee… the book is full of energy and delight.” Acumen Spring 2010

 “Coe’s language is easy and vigorous: peopled with a wild collection of speakers.” Stride Magazine

Mandy's most recent collection for adults is Clay (Shoestring Press, 2009 ISBN 978 1 904886 92 1, £8.95). At the core of the collection is the winning portfolio from the Manchester Poetry Prize.

The Weight of Cows

"Mandy Coe's poems make us see things: they transfigure that world-around-us we think we know but really only half-see." Matt Simpson

“Mandy Coe is exceptionally alive to the worlds around us and within us. Her work is characterised by passionate curiosity, startlingly accurate imagery and an unfailing sense of warmth and connection.” Jean Sprackland

The Weight of Cows (Shoestring Press, 2004, ISBN 1 899549 978 8 £7.99) is Mandy Coe’s second collection for adults. The title poem from the book was included in the Forward Poetry Anthology 2005.

ISBN 1 899549 978 8 £7.99

Pinning the Tail on the Donkey

" Acutely observed and finely tuned… exposes the extraordinary face of the ordinary" Patience Agbabi

Pinning the Tail on the Donkey (2001) was short-listed for the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Prize. A poem from the book was included in the Forward Prize collection for 2002.
Spike Press, ISBN 0 9518978 6 1 £4.99

Comments from Pinning the Tail on the Donkey

"Optimism and humour, but Mandy Coe's work has a punch too. This is an inspired collection that I would recommend to anyone." Julia Darling

Our thoughts are bees: Writers Working with Schools

"This is a very important book for teachers, writers and literary organisations – the honest, comprehensive resource we’ve all been waiting for." Sophie Moxon, Live Literature Scotland

Our thoughts are bees (Wordplay Press 2006) was co-written with Jean Sprackland and is a definitive guide to the work of writers in schools. It is aimed at writers, teachers and project coordinators. It celebrates the creative potential of writing in education projects as well as looking at practical issues such as funding, planning, good practice and how schools can go about finding writers.

"This book is exactly what it should be: useful, practical and detailed but also inspiring, enlightening and far-reaching. Writers as well as teachers will find it invaluable. I recommend it whole-heartedly." Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate

To read reviews, order a copy, or find out more about Our thoughts are bees visit

Red Shoes

"...a brilliant idea; the exclusion of text makes this book accessible yet challenging. A very good discussion resource." Letterbox Library

Red Shoes (Good Stuff Press 2000,
ISBN 0 9528336 0 3) is a Graphic Novel (a book in pictures) exploring issues of discrimination solely through illustration. A copy of the book was placed in the Anne Frank Museum Library, Amsterdam. The book is designed as an educational tool for adults and young people aged 14 and over. A selection of images from the book can be viewed at Graphic Witness

Red Shoes and its accompanying worksheet pack can be ordered from Good Stuff Press - 5 Sandringham Drive, Liverpool L17 4JN. £6.99 for book and £4.99 per worksheet pack (please specify if for youth or adult) plus £2 per item post and packaging.

Poetry for children

Mandy's poetry for children (shortly to be published as a Poetry Archive CD) is also widely anthologised in collections such as: The A-Z of the Best Children’s Poets from Agard to Zephaniah selected by Michael Rosen (Puffin 2010), Read Me Aloud (Macmillan 2010), Wicked selected by Roger McGough (Bloomsbury 2002), Sensational, Roger McGough (Macmillan 2004), Fairy Poems (Macmillan 2006), Pet Poems (OUP 2007), The Works 6 (Macmillan 2007).