Mandy Coe


Wordplay Press to order Our Thoughts are bees: Writers Working with Schools, read reviews, or find out more about the book.

Salt Kids: the home of children’s publishing to see the newest single-author collections of poetry for children by Salt Publishing.

Shoestring Press to order Mandy Coe's book, The Weight of Cows and see other Shoestring titles.

Graphic Witness features artwork from across the world. A selection of images from Mandy Coe's Graphic Novel, Red Shoes can be viewed here.

National Poetry Day to download free activity sheets on this, and past year’s themes.

Funding a one-stop site on funding writers' visits to schools go to and click on 'funding'.

The Poetry Society is invaluable site for all things to do with poetry.

Poetryclass is a great resource for teachers interested in exploring poetry in the classroom. This site includes tried and tested examples of workshops for all Key Stages and gives information on poets who work in schools, as well as articles and information on current projects.

Children's Poetry Bookshelf. Members of this book club will receive regular selections of the best poetry for children (aged 7-11) published in the UK. You will also receive educational material, tips and news. Invaluable for schools, libraries and parents.

Literaturetraining is a consortium of literature organisations providing training and resources specifically for writers.

NAWE this is the website for the National Association of Writers in Education. This site leads contains resources, a directory of writers and information for writers working in all areas of education.